Spread of the deadly disease: Zika virus reaches Bangladesh

Zika Virus

Bangladesh: A person, who lives in Chittagong, which is a port city in the south eastern part of Bangladesh is the first case of Zika in Bangladesh. Junior minister for health Zahid Maleque in a news conference told that the person was doing well and none of the relatives in Bangladesh were affected. He had also never travelled out of Bangladesh as was said by Mahmudur Rahman, director of ministry’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research.

Between 2014 and 2015, 1000 people were tested for fever and their blood samples were tested for Zika. Only one person was found to be true. Zika has broken out in Caribbean and Latin America with Brazil being worst hit amongst all nations.

Chile and Canada will not be affected by Zika virus according to WHO (World Health Organization). However the Zika virus is spreading rampantly across all countries of America. Some cases have also been found across the lengths and breadths of Asia which raises the cause for alarm. World Health Organization has an estimate that nearly 4 million people will eventually be affected by Zika virus.

Microcephaly a disease related to rare birth defect, in new borns is caused by the Zika virus. It is spread by mosquitoes. Zika was declared a medical emergency in the international arena on 1st of Feb and will go a long way in being a killer disease.

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