State run- Chinese Media praises India as it has shown strong resistance against western ‘cultural infiltration’


Beijing: Admiring the decision of the India against the grant of Visa to a United States- Commission on religion freedom, the State Run- Chinese Media said that the New Delhi always accorded priority to the National Interest in its foreign policy and has the capability to resist US- led western “cultural infiltration”.

The Statements were released, today, on Wednesday, i.e. 16th March. Moreover, it was further found stated after terming New Delhi as Major Power that it “rarely plays up to other nations”. And this is one of the most significant features of India since it gained independence in the year 1947. Priority is always seemed given to the National Interest in New Delhi’s Foreign Policies.

Moreover, it is also notable that the US Commission on International Religious Freedom- USCIRF is not first time has refused visas. It was also seen in the year 2009 that the Panel was denied access to India, as reported in the article published in the State- run Global Times.

Also, it said that an intensifying trend in the future would be seen as per Cultural collision between the United States and India. Although in the United States, where the politics is the source for the separation of the religion, USCIRF may not represent the Governmental stance. To use its soft power, it is a part of the White House strategy.

Further it said that the infiltration of its system of values into India, will be continued by United States by all possible means. And the New Delhi will still firmly reject the same.

Moreover it accuses United States for attempting to use its soft power, especially its system of values for influencing the internal affairs of other nations. Also, it said that the Washington is manipulating United States smart power for influencing others.

Thus, the capabilities and determination of resisting United States led Western Culture infiltration, are praised by it. However, it was noted by it that the nearly all the other civilized nations have been “Westernised” in many aspects of life. India has shown high confidence in its traditional culture, it says.

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