Student’s Bus crash in Spain kills 13 from around Six countries

Spain: In the bus crash which was happened on 20th day of March, where the bus was carrying the University exchange students back from Spain’s largest fireworks festival, students from about Six countries were killed. The bus crash was occurred on the highway in the northern Spain. The bus was carrying the passengers which were including Spaniards and also some other foreign nationals from over the 12 countries. Moreover, notably, in the road mishap, there were about 13 students killed and also thirty were caused injuries, as pointed by the Officials.

Jordi Jane- the Spokesman for Regional Government found stated initially, that the 14 passengers in the Bus were died in the crash, however, it was made clear by Jorge Fernandez Diaz- the Interior Minister for Spain, that there were 13 students died in crash. Moreover, it was also found confirmed by him that there were 28 students were found injured in the incident and now they are receiving the medical treatment in local hospitals.

There were around 57 passengers in the Bus, and this Bus was appeared to have crashed the guardrail of the AP7 highway before cartwheeling across road.

Moreover, it was confirmed by the officials that the travelling students were the part of Erasmus exchange program were went to eastern city of Valencia for taking part in the well known Fallas fireworks festival. And while in return journey, the bus crashed, and 13 were killed which were from about Six countries.

Also, it is notable from the Television’s shown images that the Bus was also crashed against oncoming car on the opposite side of the highway. Moreover, it is again noted that the Driver of the said Bus was taken into the custody by the Police in the Police State in city of Tortosa, as told by the Jordi Jane. And also the investigation officers are carrying one their duty of investigating the reasons against which t3 studentshe said mishap was resulted.

Also, it was brought to the knowledge now, that the Driver passed alcohol and drug tests which he has given, as told by Fernandez Diaz.

The annually held Fallas Festival in Valencia on the feast day of St. Joseph, is generally, drawing number of visitors from the worldwide.

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