Students’ leader- Kanhaiya Kumar wrote open letter to ‘Mother’ Smriti Irani, asking for ‘factual reply’

Kanhaiya Kumar

New Delhi: From the Jawaharlal Nehru University, the students’ leader- Kanhaiya Kumar who is out on the bail in connection with the sedition charges, which had also required him and others to face the in house enquiry and punishment from the University authorities, had yesterday, on Sunday, in the wake of the Mother’s day, wrote a letter to the Union Human Resource Development Minister- Smirti Irani, and asked “how can a mother accept the punishment of her children on the basis of biased probe reports and doctored videos.”

Moreover, it is hereby notable that the Kanhaiya Kumar who was arrested along with others in connection with their allegedly organising an event in the JNU campus where they reportedly, preferred the anti- national sloganeer on the execution of the Parliament attack convict- Afzal Guru. Moreover, they were also charged for their terming the execution of the said Afzal Guru as ‘Judicial Killing.’

 The said students’ leader- Kanhaiya referred to the Jawaharlal Nehru University’s high- level enquiry committee’s report on the said event which was organised on 9th day of February, while writing letter to the Minister- Smirti Irani.

As per said reports the said JNU Students were found participating in the said controversial event and as such they were provided separate punishments with suspensions too.

The instances of his writing a letter to the Minister- Smirti Irani, it is reportedly pointed that the said day was Mother’s Day and the students’ leader would have tried to invoke the ‘mother’ in the Minister. Even earlier in some time, the said Minister- Irani too had referred all the students as her children. Thus, the Kanhaiya in his letter found written that “We are trying hard to study in the warmth of your motherly love. Under your reign, we are learning how to study despite police canes and hunger”.

Moreover, besides all such instances written in the letter, the said letter of Kanhaiya asked from the minister a factual reply saying “Please reply, if you find the time.” Moreover, he also said that “the friend also called you an ‘anti- rational mother of anti- nationals’. I hope you will prove this allegation false in your factual reply.”

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