Studies have revealed that Vegetarian diets increases risks of heart diseases and cancers

United States: Researchers have found evidences that vegetarian diets have in turn led to mutations which makes people more inflammation susceptible. By associations there is risks increased of colon cancer and heart diseases. Longer term vegetarian diets leads to genetic mutations which increases risks of heart diseases and cancers in our nation India.

This is claimed by new studies by Cornell University scientists. Discoveries by scientists that included Kumar Kothapalli from Cornell University in US provided 1st detective evolutionary work which traces high frequencies of specific mutations for primarily Pune’s vegetarian population (nearly 70 percent). This is case when compared with traditional America’s meat eating population.

Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids are extremely required by us because these acids are processed into compounds that control body inflammation as well as brain development. Arachidonic acid which spikes a gene causing heart disease and cancer is found mostly in vegetarian diets. Some vegetable oils like sunflower oil metabolize these fatty acids into arachidonic acid rapidly giving rise to diseased of heart and certain forms of cancer which is not found in heavy meat eaters.

Long term plant based diets are not as good as it appears to be on health grounds and it certainly is a deterrent not to avoid meat eating persistently over generations at a time.

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