Study: Endometriosis Increases Risk of Heart Disease in adolescent Women

United States: Endometriosis causes heart disease, blocked arteries and much more. Endometriosis is a painful condition of health which is chronic affecting reproductive organs. Women develop chest pains, blocked artery system and heart diseases. The painful condition may sometimes be so excruciating that it may lead to depression and anxiety in ladies. Endometriosis does not have full treatments but some tips can reduce the risks of heart diseases.

It is highly advisable to remain active for the whole span of life with 20 minutes to 30 minutes of moderate exercise. Healthy fats must be eaten by these women, low sugar diet along with low carbohydrate diet. The diet should be properly balanced and poultry and fish should be included in diet. A person must maintain proper weight according to his or her height and hence chronic inflammation of uterine tissue is kept in control. This proper maintenance of weight will also help prevent in heart disease.

Endometriosis women who smoke have a higher risk of getting blocked arteries and should try their level best to quit smoking. The smoking habit will be a further deterrent for the avoidance of heart diseases. This smoking habit also gives rise to enlarged uterine tissues and more pain and discomfort in addition to heart disease and blocked arteries, depression and much more in significantly vast majority of Endometriosis sufferers.

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