Study reveals consuming Artificial Sweeteners may prove unhealthier and hazardous


Toronto: New study reveals that the people who face obesity issues commonly consume artificial sweeteners, and such consumption may lead them to face several health issues, and it is also found hazardous and unhealthy.

The researchers as such provided a warning to this effect, as the said artificial sweeteners, as they found, may having worse glucose management than others. Generally, obese people use such artificial sweeteners for cutting down their calories and losing their overweight.

The researchers in their study found that the bacteria in the gut is capable to break down artificial sweeteners, and this can lead to provide negative health effects.

In a team of researchers, the Professor Jennifer Kuk from the York University in Canada found stated that “our study shows that the individuals with the obesity who consumer artificial sweeteners, particularly aspartame, may have worse glucose management than those who don’t take sugar substitutes.”

Moreover, the researcher also found stated that “we will need to do future studies to determine whether any potentially negative health effects of artificial sweeteners outweigh the benefits for obesity reduction.”

Moreover, researchers had taken data from the 2,856 United States’ adults from the Third National Health and Nutrition Survey and conducted study.

Moreover, the researchers also measured the Diabetes risk as the ability to manage blood sugars using an oral glucose tolerance test.

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