Study shows overweight individuals make choices of ‘Unhealthier Food’

London:  A new study reveals that the people having overweight issue make unhealthier food choices than lean people when they were presented with the food, even though both make similar selections when they were presented with hypothetical choices.

It was seen that in the said study, the researchers from the Cambridge University and also some from the Medical Research Council Human Nutrition Unit, have examined the connection between the tastiness of the food and how the people judge the healthiness of the food and also they examined the issue that whether such examination would predict the choices of the food at a buffet lunch.

Fifty number of common snacks were shown on the screen of the Computer to the Lean and overweight people who were twenty- three and forty in number, respectively, then they were asked to rate these common snacks, on the five- point scale for their healthiness and tastiness independently.

Moreover, after that the researchers examined the degree to which each of such individually- rated attributes appeared to influence a willingness of the person to swap a particular food for one which was previously been rated as “neutral”.

While in the research, the researchers decided to place the participants in the study, during their swap of choice task, in a functional magnetic resonance imaging- fMRI scanner, which indirectly measures the brain’s activity.

Moreover, thereafter, the participants were presented with a buffet where everything which the people want to eat were tabled with a selection of sandwiches, drinks, desserts and snacks. This was done following the experiment of scanner.

Moreover, in the buffet, the participants were offered with the each type of the food, in which they were offered with the healthier and less healthy options like chicken sandwich and a BLT (bacon, lettuce and tomato) Sandwich, or cola and diet coal.

It was seen that the activity in the brain predicted the proportion of the healthy food consumption among the both type of individuals. However, the overweight people found consuming more unhealthy foods than the lean people. The study was published in eNeuro journal.

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