Sundar Pichai for Google clears ‘Area 120’ division for employees to develop their own start- ups

Sundar Pichai

San Francisco: Now, Google is considering the setting up of a start-up incubator within Google, as informed by the top executive of the Company, who is Indian by origin- namely, Sundar Pichai. The said move would be for stopping the employees from leaving the company and begin their own ventures. The Forbes, being incubator, declared that the dubbed ‘Area 120’, is a new approach, part incubator and remaining new take on the spirit of the twenty per cents of the time programme.

While so, the reports says that the Google has disclosed that it has allowed its employees including engineers to spend a day or a week or twenty percent time on “side projects”. Moreover, while talking with the Forbes, the Indian originate executive- Pichai also found stated that “we have always had a strong interest from within Google for people to go work on new things and have developed many of our products internally that way.”

Besides, such declarations, the executive- Pichai also unveiled the “Google Assistant”, “Google Home”, “Allo” and “Duo”. Also, recently, the Google has also previewed its “Android Wear 2.0.” moreover, Pichai also disclosed that “we are introducing Android Instant Appsa”, and this will be allowing the users to run their favorite android apps instantly, even without installing them.

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