Supreme Court sees Call drop penalty’s impact will only be ‘0.4%’ on Telcos’ revenue

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: The Telecom Regulator- TRAI- Telecom Regulatory Authority of India has recently issued its new norms where it had imposed a new type of penalty for the call drops. Currently, the news as shown reported by the ANI said that the Attorney General of India- Mukul Rohatgi has defended the proposed penalty on telecom companies for the call drops.

It was seen that the said call drops penalty issue was from its starting opposing by the telecom majors. And as such the issue of such call drops has been under the controversy from the quite some time now.

While, so the said Attorney General of India today, on Thursday, 21st April, found stated before the honourable Supreme Court of India that the “Service providers don’t care about money loss to subscribers due to call drops.”

Moreover, even the Apex Court also defends the penalty on telecom majors saying that the said companies dealing telecom, “have not been making nay investment on their network” for improving services and curbing the issue of call drops.

Moreover, the attorney general also pointed that only “four- five” service providers in the telecom services are running a “cartel of a billion subscribers.” Also, it is pointed by him that the telecom companies are making huge profits saying that “these telcos make about Rs. 250 crore a day from calls”, moreover, he added that if there will be call drops, then they will have to pay only 0.4 per cents which is really “just” out of the telcos’ revenue.

Moreover, it is also proposed that the penalty should be levied on telecom operators if the number of call drops exceed two per cents.

It was seen earlier that the said Attorney General on 5th day of this month found telling the Apex Court it will call for a meeting with the Ministry’s official dealing with Telecom department and also Telecom regulator- TRAI for discussing the technical papers and also possibility for solving the call drops.

Also it was seen in the last month on 17th day that the Top Court asked the TRAI to review the call drop penalty regulation in the view of technical issues.

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