Supreme Court slams the states saying Illegal shrines near drains and roads are insult to God

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: The honourable Supreme Court of India while coming down heavily on states and union territories for their failing to inform it about their actions taken against the unauthorized religious structures constructions, said, on 19th April, Tuesday, that such religious structures near the drains and on the roads were an ‘insult to God’.

The Apex Court’s concerned bench comprising of Justice Gopal Gowda and Justice Arun Misra was hearing the Petition in connection with such illegal religious structure’s constructions on the public places and roads, especially. While so, the bench also sought to say that “everyone has the right to walk. God never intended to obstruct the path meant for the people.” Moreover, it also asked as to “why shouldn’t these structures go?”

It was seen earlier on the 8th day of March, that the top court asked the States and Union territories to file their affidavits as to how many illegal religious constructions there have been razed. However, as the concerned states and union territories had not filed any such affidavit, then the concerned bench criticised the counsel appearing for the State on this issue.

The court also asked the states that “do we give our orders to be kept in cold storage? Your chief secretaries do not respect our orders. We will show them what we can do for not obeying.” It was seen earlier that the said earlier order was specially directed against the Chief Secretaries of all twenty- nine states and seven union territories, and they were asked to submit details on the matter within 2 weeks’ time.

Court also pointed the attitude of the State administration and said it is “not correct” also it added that “let the chief secretaries come to the court. You bother only when we call them to the court.” The states’ representing advocates appeared apologizing before the bench.

It was earlier in the year 2009, the Apex Court ruled out that there should not be permitted any unauthorized constructions in the name of temple, church, mosque or gurudwara on the public streets, parks, places.

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