Supreme Court to Maha Govt: Working in Dance Bars is better for Women than begging on streets

Supreme Court of India

Mumbai: On 25th April, Monday, the honourable Supreme Court of India came down heavily upon the Government of Maharashtra for its delaying in granting licenses to the Dance Bars in the States and as such it has warned the Government not to turn blind eye to the order of the Top Court.

It was also seen that the Top Court again criticized the Government of the State for framing rules which is prohibiting the opening of the dance bars within a distance of a kilometre from Educational Institutions.

Top court by terming the “Dance” as a “profession” said that “if it is obscene, then it loses its legal sanctity. Government regulatory measures can not be prohibitory,” it told to the Government of the Maharashtra State.

Moreover, while slamming the Government in the State, the court has also observed that “It is better for women to perform in dance bars and earn than begging on streets or indulging in unacceptable activities.”

It was already seen earlier that the Top court has already told the Government to issue the licenses to the Dance Bars in the State, and it was also seen that it had earlier also slammed the Government for imposing unacceptable conditions on the issuance of the dance bar licenses. Earlier in the several such conditions, the State Government sought to maintain a condition that there should be installation of CCTV cameras from the restaurants and dance performance area.

It was in the year 2005, the running dance bars were banned by the Government of Maharashtra State that time, and nearly about one and half thousands of the dance bars in Mumbai and also in other places in Maharashtra where over seventy- five thousands woman dancers were getting their remuneration to show their skills were unemployed.

Now, this time the new expectations came for them, with the supporting nature of the judiciary and also with the dance bar owners supporting attitude, the dance bars would again be opened and these woman dancers will be provided again employment.

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