Supreme Court turned over its Ban, allows diesel All-India tourist permit taxies to run in NCR as City cabs

New Delhi: Yesterday on Tuesday, 10th May, considering the usual business for about sixty- four thousands of all- India tourist permit diesel taxies in the NCR- National Capital Region, the honourable Supreme Court of India lifted its Ten days long ban on the said diesel taxies and as such provided huge relief to call centers, as their 2.5 lakhs staffs highly using such vehicles for their daily traveling across three states.

The decision has came out from the Apex Court which has also permitted diesel taxis to do point- to- point pick- up and drop of passengers within the National Capital Region. Thus, such diesel taxies are required to do the business like the City cabs running on petrol and CNG doing. However, with such huge relief, the honorable Court also sought to clarifying saying that this relief will last only till the permits of such taxies are valid. The All- India Tourist Permit diesel cab are generally provided with the five years of the permit and soon such permit will end to be valid, the said relief will not be extending to them.

It was earlier seen in the last month’s last day that the honorable Supreme Court of India had imposed its ban on all diesel taxies in the Delhi and it was so because, the taxies were not switched to the CNG engines, despite asked by the court.

However, the said relief is extended only for the Old all- India tourist permit diesel taxies, which will be, as per the court, getting an “O” permit and such taxies will be allowed to continue as city taxies in the NCR, and the new diesel all- India tourist Permit taxies would be getting “N” certificate, which will not be allowed to do point- to- point pick up and drop of passengers within the NCR. However, a question still remained as it is, as whether All- India Tourist Permit diesel cabs can be used by cab aggregators.

Moreover, specifying such relief, the Court also said that All- India Tourist Permit Taxies will also be subjected to all rules which are provided by the Government other competent authorities as to safety, security and fares.

Thus, the ban on registration of the diesel cars and SUVs with the 2000 cc or more engine capacity is not relaxed by the Court.

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