Suspect in Paris Attacks- Abrini confesses his being a “man in hat” caught by camera at Brussels Airport

Brussels: Yesterday, on 9th April, Mohamed Abrini, who is a key suspect in the Paris Attacks, found confessing that he was being “the man in the hat” who was caught in the Cameras nearby the suicide bomber at Brussels Airport. The said Abrini was seen lastly with the suicide bombers, as he was wearing the hat, and that attack had shaken the Brussels.

The information is being given to the media by the source who is shown very close to the investigation, while informing about confession of Abrini, the source told “this is an important step forward”.

Notably, the said confession from the Abrini was came out on the same day on which he was charge with the terrorist murders over the attacks in Paris, which was effected on November, last year and in such attacks around 130 people were killed, as per prosecutors.

Moreover, another terror suspect who being a Swedish National- Osama Krayem was also found charged with his alleged role in the said suicide bombing which was taken place at the Brussels Metro Station on 22nd March. The Brussels faced two attacks on the same day, one at Metro station and second at Airport. And in result of the said attacks number of people were forced to lose their lives.

It is notable that the said Abrini and Krayem are two from the 6 number of arrested terrorists in connection with the terror attacks, while raiding across the Brussels on Friday, however, the key suspects were Abrini and Krayem are now charged.

It was seen in the news reports initially came from the Belgian dialy L’Echo, the said Abrini has confessed, as per the prosecutors, that he actually wanted to return to Paris for another attack however, he was spooked by the investigation and hastily decided to carry out the said bombings at Brussels.

As such, the Abrini being a 31- years- old terrorist is now charged by the Judge, with his alleged participation in the activities of the “terrorist murders”, in connection with the November’s Paris Attacks.

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