Symbol of Love- Taj Mahal facing danger as bug in Yamuna river hurting its beauty


New Delhi: India’s one of the biggest architecture, what we also know with the designation “Symbol of Love” Taj Mahal is reportedly stated to be in Danger. Even though the danger is invisible but having slowly increasing effects of decaying the majestic monument. Yamuna river’s dull water near the Taj Mahal has been its greatest treat.

It is notable that the river Yamuna was adding the glory to the beauty of the Taj Mahal once, but now Swarms of bugs which is known as Goeldichironomus are pervading the marble walls attached to the Taj Mahal and as such, the walls turning to face greenish black patches, and their whiteness coming dull.

The reports pointed the rising the pollution in the Yamuna river and such pollution become the strong reason for the rising bugs. However, the notable aspect or issue is that the State Pollution Control Board, is not accepting the said fact. But, the concerns were shown by the Archaeological Survey of India over the rising bugs, however, they are helpless in the case, due to lack of jurisdiction.

Earlier also, the Indian Judiciary turned to slam over the administration and asked for the protection of the monument as it is having world wide importance. Moreover, the polluting peoples were also directed to take helping steps. This time too, it is really needful to do something to protect the important wealth of the country.

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