Kabul Blast: Around 24 killed and several injured; while US embassy and NATO military confirmed that they are not affected

kabul blast

Kabul: Today, on Tuesday 19th April, the Central Kabul faced a big tragedy, as an explosion experienced in the area resulted in the killing of twenty- four people’s lives and several other found seriously injured. It is notable that the explosion is rocked in the area where several major Afghan security agencies are based and also such agencies including the United State Embassy and also National Directorate of Security offices. Moreover, the area also comprising of the Ministry of Defence and also Palace of President within its few hundred metres.…

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Earthquake Reports: North India, Pakistan shaken with strong 6.8 magnitude earthquake; 9 in all died and some injured


New Delhi: The North Indian region where especially, Kashmir, Chandigarh and other areas were shaken with the powerful earthquake of 6.8 magnitude on Richter scale. The initial vibrations were felt in Delhi, at about 4.01 PM. It was earlier informed that the said earthquake was of 7.1 magnitude. Three persons died due to such quake, however, the number is restricted to India, but as it has also shaken the other countries like Pakistan, Afghanistan and China also. It was seen that the six Pakistani residents were also killed due to…

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