New Mobile App, RTA m-Wallet Stores Driving Licence and Other Vehicle-Related Documents

RTA m-Wallet

Telangana: An application for mobile, having an efficient screen display which is single has licence as well as vehicle related paper and it was launched today. Known precisely as the RTA m-Wallet it helps the motorists a lot by allowing them not to carry registration certification, driving licence and vehicle relative documentation. This app allows drivers and owners of vehicles in order to store documents which are issued by transport department. This prevents theft and misplacement of the physical paper documents, and is assessed on their smart-phones on iOS and…

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Baxi – The Bike Taxi App Operates without Internet

Gurgaon: Baxi App based in Gurgaon rolls out newer features for helping users booking rides on apps without utilizing Internet. Bike-taxi hailing apps offer services in Faridabad and Gurgaon thereby availability of features to 30000 users from forthcoming week. All totalled customers having smartphone Android with no data connections could presently use newer Baxi Apps. Customers could use also apps even when connections of internet are not working. This is told to PTI by Baxi co-founder and CTO Manu Rana. These features help companies reaching out to large customer numbers.…

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