Amit Shah after Party’s winning Assam Polls says ‘it was a vote for a positive alternative’

New Delhi: After seeing an impressive performance of the Bhartiya Janata Party in Assam assembly election, the party’s president- Amit Shah while speaking to the media agency, stated that the mandate was not only a fallout of anti- incumbency, it was a vote for a positive alternative. Moreover, he also confirmed that the profile of the BJP party has risen in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and West Bengal. He also made it clear that there have been 7 elections, since the Modi- Government assumed the office, and out of them, BJP…

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Assam Polls: Woman casts vote for BJP, divorced due to non- obeying decision of Village leaders


Assam: In the Assam Assembly Polls, a strange turn in the events were seen when a Muslim man reportedly divorced his wife in an Assam village, on her allegedly voting for the Bhartiya Janata Party in the elections. It was seen there that the elder personalities in the Village made a diktat, that allegedly there should be mandatorily voting for the Congress party only in the Assam Assembly Polls and this divorced woman has violated this decision. It was seen that the said incident was reported in the regional newspapers…

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