About 1900 Kangaroos to be culled by Australia for environment reasons


Melbourne: From Monday, i.e. from 16th day of May, the Australia will be culling more than One Thousands and Nine Hundreds of kangaroos in a bid to protect their population because this can cause a “devastating impact on the local environment” as per the official’s information. Across the ACT- Australian Capital Territory, the said culling process in connection with the kangaroos will be done, as per the announcement which was made on its annual measure for controlling the kangaroo population. Moreover, in the process, as per the said report, the…

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Panama Papers contains name of Australian PM- Malcolm Turnbull; but he denies wrongdoing

Malcolm Turnbull

Australia: Though, Malcolm Turnbull- Australian Prime Minister’s name is listed in the ‘Panama Papers’ as being a former director of a company which was incorporated by the tax haven law firm, namely, Mossack Fonseca, but now today, on Thursday, the said Prime Minister- Turnbull denied any wrongdoing on his part. The company namely, Star Technology Services Limited’s former directorship is tagged on the shoulders of the Australian Prime Minister in the Panama Papers. And this company was incorporated by the Mossack Fonseca- a tax haven law firm, as per above.…

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Australia says debris found on island in Mauritius is possibly a fragment of MH 370

Sydney: As per the statements preferred by the Transport Minister from Australia that the New Debris which is found on the Indian Ocean island of Mauritius, would be examined and it will be seen that whether the same is belonging to the MH 370. It was seen that on the Mauritius island of Rodrigues, the said remain was found by a vacationing couple, as has been reported by the news agency citing from the Reunion island website Clicanoo. As found stated by Darren Chester- The Australian Transport Minister that for…

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Nanostructures for Textile cleaning: RMIT University’s researchers brought idea in picture

Sydney: The RMIT University’s researchers have brought a unique and much beneficial idea, using which the people would never require to spend their hours with their washing machines. The researchers have developed a pioneering nanotechnology research, where, the nanostructures on textiles were grown, which soon be exposed to the light will release a burst of energy which then degrade organic matter. As such, the researchers’ developed nanostructures will self- clean under the light being grown into textiles. The researchers have currently tested the idea only on stains and sweat. As…

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Australian marathoner- Pat Farmer runs from Kanyakumari to Kashmir for girls’ education

Phagwara: Patrick Farmer- an Australian ultra- marathon runner, who is undertaking a Kanyakumari- to- Kashmir run for raising funds for the education of the Indian girls and strengthening ties between the two countries, was seen yesterday, i.e. on 20th March, reaching Phagwara. A Fifty-four years- old Australian- Patrick was welcomed by the Phagwara administration as he arrived at his latest stop on his 4,600- kilo meters ‘Spirit of India Run- 2016’ run. Moreover, as per Patrick Farmer, he said the run is aimed at promoting ties between the India and…

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