Bangladesh faced dangerous Cyclone Roanu: 23 dead and many others injured


Chittagong: When the Coast of Southern Bangladesh, yesterday, on 21st May, hit by Cyclone Roanu, there were seen about 23 people dead due to floods and rain- triggered landslides, leaving behind around a hundred people injured. Moreover, about an half a million people flee their homes. Moreover, in the impoverished southern districts, the said cyclone resulted in damaging the tens of thousands of mud- and- tin houses. Also, the authorities engaged in the rescue works, also took over a five lakhs of the people into shelters because the said cyclone…

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Bangladesh’s Top Court confirmed Death Sentence to Islamist Leader

Bangladesh Supreme Court

Dhaka: Today, on Thursday 5th May, the Top Court in Bangladesh found rejecting the final appeal which the Top Islamist party leader preferred against the decision of the lower court imposing against him a Death penalty in connection with the atrocities committed during the 1971 war of independence. The instances of this report confirmed by the Lawyer witnessed the decision. Now, it can be safely stated here that as the Death punishment is confirmed by the Top Court in Bangladesh, now the leader could be hanged at any time to…

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Spread of the deadly disease: Zika virus reaches Bangladesh

Zika Virus

Bangladesh: A person, who lives in Chittagong, which is a port city in the south eastern part of Bangladesh is the first case of Zika in Bangladesh. Junior minister for health Zahid Maleque in a news conference told that the person was doing well and none of the relatives in Bangladesh were affected. He had also never travelled out of Bangladesh as was said by Mahmudur Rahman, director of ministry’s Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research. Between 2014 and 2015, 1000 people were tested for fever and their blood…

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