Kanhaiya Kumar in Pune says PM- Modi must develop tech over drought in Marathwada

Kanhaiya Kumar

Pune; Maharashtra: Yesterday, on Sunday 24th April, Mr. Kanhaiya Kumar- the Students’ leader from the Jawaharlal Nehru University, said that our Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi should develop technology for eradicating the drought issue in Marathwada and not to address gram sabhas. He was pointed, reportedly, referring the tweet which was posted by PM- Modi on Sunday. Moreover, the Students’ leader showing himself as the son of farmer, said that “if you are a son of a ‘chaiwala” and further said “Let’s talk about uplifting the people below poverty line…

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Twelve- Years- Old dies at Water Pump: Doctor says it was ‘Heart Attack’

troubles to get essential water

Beed; Maharashtra: As the Maharashtra faces major drought issue, the people residing in the State, especially, in Marathwada region of Maharashtra are facing lot of troubles to get essential water for drinking and other purposes. Similar, situation is seen in the Maharashtra’s Beed area, where a twelve- years-old- Yogita finally died of heart attack, while struggling for water. It was 42 degrees temperature. It was seen that the Sun was unrelenting when Yogita Desai was making about five trips from her home in the village to the nearest water pump…

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Water Crisis in Drought- hit Marathwarda region: Officials says only 3 per cent water remains in Dams

Drought in India

Mumbai: Nearly everyone knows about Maharashtra and the serious drought issue in it, as recently in connection with the Indian Premier League matches, the higher judiciaries have slammed cricket associations for their waste of water for maintain pitches. Now, as per the officials, who declared today, on 19th April that there is only 3 per cent water left in dams in the drought- hit Marathwada region in Maharashtra. The region- Marathwada is having 11 major dams and out of them 8 dams are at dead storage level, as such it…

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