Sundar Pichai for Google clears ‘Area 120’ division for employees to develop their own start- ups

Sundar Pichai

San Francisco: Now, Google is considering the setting up of a start-up incubator within Google, as informed by the top executive of the Company, who is Indian by origin- namely, Sundar Pichai. The said move would be for stopping the employees from leaving the company and begin their own ventures. The Forbes, being incubator, declared that the dubbed ‘Area 120’, is a new approach, part incubator and remaining new take on the spirit of the twenty per cents of the time programme. While so, the reports says that the Google…

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Google launched “Spaces” an App for group sharing

Google Spaces Social Sharing App

On Monday Google launched “Spaces” an App for group sharing that allows users easily share content and commentary, group-messaging style, on any topics. From book clubs to house chases to weekend treks, getting companions into the same application can challenge. Sharing things regularly includes bouncing between applications to duplicate and paste links. GD regularly don’t remain focused, and things lose all sense of direction in perpetual strings that you can’t without much of a stretch return to when you require them. Keeping all these stuffs Google again build assemble a…

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Google to bring Landline type Fiber Phone service with additional features

United States: The next evolution in the Landlines, as Fiber Phone is being planning by the world’s major technology company- Google. The tech- major has a proposal of subscription service at 10 dollars a month which would be for India at 660 rupees approximately. In the Google’s planned service- Fiber Phone, it will offer unlimited local and national calls as well as International rates at similarity with the Google Voice, which comes as Rs. 0.6 per minute to India, as per example. Moreover, it is notable that the Fiber phone…

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Google now offering ‘Nik Collection’ for FREE and Promising to refund already purchases

United States: Google has recently announced its Nik Collection editing software for FREE and not only this, it will also include the Analog Efex Pro, Dfine desktop and the Sharpener plug- ins. Moreover, Google has further said that $ 149 will be refunded to those who have already bought it. Notably, the Nik Collection is the software for the desktop which is also useful for the editing of the photographs and its provided seven useful plug- ins for desktop will allow users to execute different tasks in such editing, in…

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Google Photos can now create a Perfect album of the photos added in it; all automatic

United States: The US Based multinational technology company- Google has brought new idea in the form of its recently offered ‘Google Photos App’ which, along with its existing features, will now be offering a building of Perfect Vacation Album for its users. The Google Photos app was offered by Google, as early as 10 months ago, and there are nearly more than 100 million monthly active users of this service. The app is offering a system where the Google’s cloud- based photos are managed perfectly. Moreover, it is automatic and…

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