Claim for CBI probe in Mathura Violence, denied by Supreme Court


Lucknow: Today, on Tuesday, 7th June, the honourable Supreme Court of India has refused to entertain a plea demanding a CBI- Central Bureau of Investigation probe into the recent violence in Mathura. Notably, the said Mathura violence has resulted in the death of twenty- nine people and also number of other people were left injured. As such, a lawyer and Delhi BJP spokesperson- Ashwini Upadhyay had filed plea, which was listed by the vacation bench of the Justice- P. C. Ghose and Justice- Amitava Roy yesterday for hearing the same…

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Mathura tragedy: Special Reports say ‘camps having own tough laws, army, jails, judicial system’

Mathura Tragedy

New Delhi: Jawahar Park at Mathura was shown to have containing its judicial system, a constitution, jails, armed soldiers, and tough laws and this show what was virtually a republic ranin the big area of 260 acre, in which about twenty- four people died during a battle between cops and about three thousands of strong encroachers. A day before yesterday, on Thursday, the incident was experienced, where it was shown in the documents recovered from the battlefield, that the said encroachers’ leading men from the Swadhin Bharat Vidhik Satyagrah sect…

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