Is Robert Vadra having House in UK? BJP claims probe

Robert Vadra

New Delhi: When Income- Tax Department’s investigation is made into the transactions of the arms dealer- Sanjay Bhandari, then a spotlight has been trained on Sanjay’s alleged links with Robert Vadra- Congress Party’s Chief- Sonia Gandhi’s Son- In- Law, particularly, in connection with the ownership of a house in Central London. The information is revealed by the sources and as per them the Income- Tax Department while searching the premises of the Sanjay seized some papers and they revealed that there were e- mails of conversation between Robert and his…

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Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law- Robert Vadra says that ‘Didn’t need Priyanka to enhance my life’

New Delhi: Congress President- Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law Robert Vadra today found stated that he would never leave the country, irrespective of facts of his being “humiliated”. Moreover, he also said that “I did not need Priyanka to enhance my life” as he thinks that I had “enough” and his parents have given him “enough”. While expressing himself before the media agency at the Golf Club based at New Delhi, Sonia Gandhi’s son- in- law- Vadra responded to the question where he was asked many times to join the…

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