Dead Body of Indian to be brought back by Tomorrow: He was allegedly killed by his employer in Saudi Arabia

High court of Delhi

New Delhi: The honourable High Court of Delhi, today on Friday 29th April, was informed that the dead body of a seventy-seven- years old man who was basically belonging to the Jharkhand, would be brought to India by tomorrow, Saturday. The said youth was killed allegedly by his employers in Saudi Arabia, last year i.e. in 2015. He being named as Ansari was hailing from the Jharkhand and he was working with the alleged employer who killed him on his showing that wish to return to his mother country- India.…

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Al- Qaeda’s 800 Members with leaders killed in Yemen Anti- Jihad Offensive, as per Arab Coalition

Air Strike

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia: The troops from Yemen backed by Arab coalition air strikes have killed about Eight Hundred and plus members from the Al- Qaeda, in the attack on a southeastern provincial capital, held by the group for the past year. The information is provided today, on Monday 25th April, from the said Arab coalition. Moreover, as per the military sources, the forces from Pro- Government has recaptured an Oil terminal and also a city of Mukalla, which was known for the terrorist stronghold. As per the commanders from the…

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Saudi Arabia and Egypt decides to build a joint Bridge over the Red Sea: Boosting trade, says Saudi King Salman

Cairo: Yesterday, on 8th April, the Saudi King- Salman found announcing that a bridge to link Saudi Arabia with Egypt will be built over the Red Sea for speeding up the trade, because the two countries signed around Seventeen agreements for enhancing bilateral ties. It was seen that, yesterday, Saudi King joined a televised joint conference with President of Egypt- Abdel Fattah el- Sisi on the second day of his visit, the said Saudi King who is about Eighty- years old found stated that the building of the said bridge…

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UN blames Saudi-led forces for most Yemeni civilian deaths

Sanaa: Vast majority of civilian from Yemen were put to death in the conflict, where the Saudi- led coalition bombing was effected. The Chief of United Nations found stated, yesterday, on 18th March that international crimes may have been committed. Notably, for protesting Britain’s continued supply of arms to Saudi Arabia, the campaigner delivered fake missiles to Downing Street, yesterday, and despite concerns, such arms are being used against civilians in Yemen. While campaign against the rebels which is Iran- backed, in Yemen there have been seen a repeated criticism…

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Saudi Arabia planning to built NATO-like Military Alliance of Islamic Countries

Riyadh: Saudi Arabia put forth a suggestion to start a “NATO-like” military alliance of muslim majority nations. According to the report, the alliance’s main aim is to combat terrorism. Report says that the proposed alliance wouldn’t be against any particular country, but to combat threats from terrorist groups. Pakistan was assigned to form the framework of the military alliance of 34 Islamic states. Saudi Arabia heard criticism from many for affirmed human rights manhandle in its proxy war with Iran for predominance in the Middle East. Anyways, it is unclear…

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