After HC’s clearance: Now movie ‘Udta Punjab’ will be tested by the Supreme Court

Udtha Punjab

New Delhi: After High court’s positive remarks supporting movie- Udta Punjab, now a Punjab- based Non- Governmental Organisation- Human Right Awareness Association has approached the Apex Court of the Country with the allegation that the said movie showing the State in poor light. Moreover, it is clearly apparent here that the said allegations must also be including the challenge to the High court of Bombay’s decision, by which that court had cleared movie with a single cut. It is also notable here that in the year 2015, the SPYM- Society…

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‘There is nothing in script that threatens India’s Integrity’: Bombay HC on ‘Udta Punjab

High court of Delhi

Mumbai: After so many controversial comments, the movie- Udta Punjab has received positive comment from the court of Law, when yesterday, on Monday, 13th June the High Court of Bombay decreed favouring the movie and its makers took a long fresh breath as their film was not meted out unfair treatment. For making such movie, the makers have involved huge sum amount and when their movie met with controversies they felt risk as to their losing of big money. Movie- Udta Punjab reportedly based on the facts of the Drugs…

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Trailer of ‘Udta Punjab’ cleared by CBFC without a single cut or ‘beep’

udta punjab

Bollywood: The Dedh Ishqiya movie’s maker- Abhishek Chaubey is set to launch its new project with his Kaminey’s actor (Shahid Kapoor), namely ‘Udta Punjab’. Yesterday, on 16th April, the CBFC- Central Board of Film Certification was seen clearing the trailer of this coming movie- ‘Udta Punjab’ which is a flick, and it is permitted without a single cut or ‘beep’. Notably, the amazing bollyood’s film maker who has already done a work with actor- Shahid Kapoor in the movie- ‘Kaminey – The Scoundrels’ is now set to bring his new…

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Shahid Kapoor posted his latest picture, showing looks possibly for Udta Punjab

Shahid Kapoor

The Bollywood’s one of the Big star- Shahid Kapoor on his Instagram account found posted the jaw- dropping picture of his own, where he captioned saying “coming soon”. Many from his fans presuming this to be his new look for his upcoming movie- Udta Punjab. One of the youngest bollywood start- being only 35- years- old is appearing in the snap with the long hair and is flaunting his perfectly toned body and pumped abs. It was earlier from this star- Shahid Kapoor found tweeted on his Twitter account that…

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