Salman aka Sultan Ali Khan struggling lot for upcoming movie

Bollywood: People looking crazy for the bollywood actor- Salman Khan’s upcoming biggest Movie- Sultan, however, to offer full satisfactory entertainment to his fan, Salman seemed taking the shoot very serious, in so far as, his fight scenes shoot in the move concerned. It is reportedly stated that the Bollywood’s and his fan’ Bhaijaan- Salman Khan is having a “tough time while shooting the film”, more particularly, when he is shooting the fight sequences in the movie, where huge concentration is seemed being given to the serous fighting of Salman as…

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Shahid Kapoor posted his latest picture, showing looks possibly for Udta Punjab

Shahid Kapoor

The Bollywood’s one of the Big star- Shahid Kapoor on his Instagram account found posted the jaw- dropping picture of his own, where he captioned saying “coming soon”. Many from his fans presuming this to be his new look for his upcoming movie- Udta Punjab. One of the youngest bollywood start- being only 35- years- old is appearing in the snap with the long hair and is flaunting his perfectly toned body and pumped abs. It was earlier from this star- Shahid Kapoor found tweeted on his Twitter account that…

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