Uttarakhand Assembly Floor Test: Harish Rawat claims Victory; Official results be seen tomorrow

Harish Rawat

New Delhi: Today, on Tuesday 10th May, as per the direction of the honourable Higher judiciary in the Country, the Uttarakhand Assembly floor test was to be held for ascertaining whether ousted Congress Chief Minister- Harish Rawat still is enjoying a majority in the House. Now after under the strongly tight security, the said floor test is held and the Chief minister- Harish Rawat himself appearing claiming victory in the same. Besides, such claim from the former Chief minister- Harish Rawat, the indications were also given from the opposition lawmaker…

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Uttarakhand Crisis: High Court dismisses Petition of Nine rebel Congress MLAs; Now moving Apex Court

High Court of Uttarakhand

Nainital; New Delhi: The honourable Uttarakhand High Court, on today, i.e. on 9th May dismissed the petition of nine Congress Members of Legislative Assembly through which they were challenging the decision of Speaker for their disqualification. Now this decision is immediately challenged by the rebels before the honourable Supreme Court of India. The said decision by the honourable High Court of Uttarakhand’s single judge bench of Justice- U. C. Dhyani was came by dismissing the petition and besides such dismissal the court also asked the said Members of legislative assembly…

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Uttarakhand Crisis: Order of High Court receives Supreme Court’s quashing

Supreme Court of India

New Delhi: After the High Court’s ruling, the Uttarakhand’s crisis brought to the honourable Supreme Court of India which in its consideration considering the said quashing of the imposition of the President’s rule in the State of Uttarakhand. It was earlier seen in the history of the matter that after two consecutive days of the hearing on the issue which the brought before the Court by the ousted Congress Chief Minister- Harish Rawat, the court found stated that the said imposition of the President’s Rule by Centre in the concerned…

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