Forceful Installing of Windows 10 in PCs: Microsoft insisting that is not so, but users seem unhappy

Windows 10 for PCs

World’s major computer systems related entity: Microsoft Corporation appeared disagreeing the reports which are showing that it has been forcefully installing Windows 10 on user’s systems. Moreover, it has insisted that users are ‘fully in control’. However, it was seen from over the months that many incidents of installing Windows 10 on the computers of users without their consent, by the Microsoft, have been reported. And in the latest ones, the instance which the Kotaku writer has reported noting that the Microsoft seemingly downloaded and installed Windows 10 on his…

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Phone Sign-in Beta App is testing by Microsoft to unlocks WIndows 10 PCs over Bluetooth

Microsoft’s have pushed quietly out apps on Windows Stores. This is known as Phone Sign-in Beta. Apps allow users for unlocking PCs with no needs of typing in passwords but tapping just on PC in apps. Apps were spotted by users of twitter @h0*0d on Windows Stores. It could be downloaded by devices which run Windows 10 Mobile. This connects through Bluetooth for unlocking PCs also. It operates like 2 step authentication processes. It lets usages of personal devices (hopefully having passwords) for unlocking PC known. It was paired previously…

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