Taking time out to figure out our lives: Malaika, Arbaaz confirm separation in joint statement

Bollywood: The Bollywood stars and spouses to each other- Malaika Arora Khan and Arbaaz Khan, whose long supposition that they were heading for a divorce, these two have now confirmed that they are following separation from each other.

These bollywood stars have issued their joint statements to the new agency, where they confirmed that as they have gone their separate ways. Moreover, it is also confirmed that the Malaika Arora Khan has not seeing anyone else, and this rumours were untrue. Moreover, these couple have also not approached to the lawyers for divorce.

Moreover, the couple in their statements have also cleared by terming it rumour, that the interference of Salmaan Khan- brother of Arbaaz Khan in their issues on his brother’s behalf was rubbish. Moreover, they sought to maintain that there is no problem in the family of Arbaaz Khan, as to the lifestyle of Malaika Arora Khan. Also, they sought to denied the rumours that Actress- Malaika was divorcing the actor- Arbaaz, as he is not financially stable.

On the issues which were raised on their relationship, the couple sought to maintain that they had “maintained a dignified silence” till the time came, now when they seen that it is “causing” them “too much confusion and is disturbing for our families”.

Couple further found stated that they “got a child” and their “families are involved”, however, it is only because they have not said anything till this time, “doesn’t give anybody the license to speculate on any rubbish” about them.

The firmly denied the contact with the lawyer, which earlier in the reports was shown, not only this they also sought to maintain that they even had no touch with any such lawyer “ever”, they also maintained that they “whoever this person is, can lose their license, as it’s irresponsible to talk about people who are not your clients”.

In their stated truth, they said “we have taken a break”, however, it was further stated that this does not mean that “people can presume, assume and speculate things of such a malicious nature.”

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