Tech- Giant Microsoft set to disclose TWO New Live Tiles features in Build, 2016

United States: Microsoft Corporation is currently hinting at new features and major changes which it would bring in its Live Tiles interface for Windows 10. The Washington’s Redmond- based, American Multinational Technology company- Microsoft was then set to hold a session at the Build conference on Friday.

It was reported that the Company was planning to make its take on flat icons, Live Tiles which would be more interactive and capable. In the supposed session which the Microsoft was desiring to hold at the Build Conference on Friday, it was hopefully discussing new features for Live Tiles and Toast Notifications. As further reported, the Company hinted to bring “two highly-requested surprises” in its Live Tiles.

Thus, the annual conference, Build 2016, which is one of largest software makers conference, now the Windows 10 is to take shape of something really unseen, as reported. The Microsoft company has launched its biggest software as Windows 10. Later Microsoft was supposed to change the way Windows users interfaced with their operating system.

It was also seen that the Microsoft company has made several minor changes in Live Tiles, over the time, however, it is appearing that the present concerned features changing is something to be more biggest ones, where between 30th March to first April, the Build conference of 2016 would be experiencing.

Moreover, as per the description in the said session which was to be hold by Microsoft, it is shown that set to build the foundation of Action Center for giving “developers greatly increased flexibility in Adaptive Toasts.”

Also, it was seen that the tech- giant- Microsoft also would have planned to introduce a powerful API that may enable a “new class of apps to plug into the Notification pipeline.” Moreover, it was also found stated in the description that two highly- requested surprises were also to be provided with Live Tiles which the users will not choose to miss.

Moreover, the Microsoft appeared setting to minimize the difference between Windows 8 and Windows 10, which could be summed up with the return of the Start button.

Moreover, the company has chosen to bring furthermore features in connection with its gaming, mobile, internet of things, HoloLens, etc.

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