Tesla launches its Model 3 for India along with other more new markets

United States: The New Model 3 is brought from the Tesla Motors- which is the electric car major from the United States. It is Today, on First day of April, the Tesla Motors has announced its launch of upcoming Tesla Model 3 in several new markets, notably in India too. Early in the morning, today, the American electronic car making company has unveiled its brand new model, and the said announcement is made on Twitter by the Founder of the Tesla Motors- Elon Musk, who said that now the company has also added to its market lists, the names of several new markets, in which India along with South Africa, New Zealand, Brazil, Singapore and Ireland were also added as its new markets for the Model 3 launch. Moreover, the company is also offering pre- launch bookings for this model 3, which has already commenced.

For such pre- launch booking, the company is providing an Online Bookings for the Car. And as such, there are already around 1.15 lakh orders which have been placed to the company in connection with such Model 3.

Moreover, the company has set itself to move for production in the year 2017, and this model 3 of the Tesla Motors is expected to be priced at Thirty- Five Thousands US dollars (Pre- taxes).

The product- Model 3 is quite amazing, as it is offering minimum range of 300 kms per charge and can also reach 60 mph from standstill in less than 4 seconds. Moreover, the Tesla Motors India- bound Model 3 is a smaller hybrid of the Model S and X.

In the car, the consumers will be experiencing the Five adults seats and two spaces for the luggage in the front and back. Moreover, as per Elon Musk, the car can fit a Seven- feet surfboard inside it.

The Model 3 was unveiled by the Chief Executive- Elon Musk in the Los Angeles near midnight East Coast time. In India is expected to be priced at 25 lakhs of rupees.

Moreover, it is also notable that the new generation of Nissan Motor Company’s Leaf electric car is also expected to offer more driving range at a similar price.

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