‘The Jungle Book’ movie’s Mowgli- Neel Sethi to arrive India for his movie’s promotion

Mumbai: The Hollywood’s upcoming movie- ‘The Jungle Book’ casts Neel Sethi- a child actor as ‘Mowgli’ and the movie is based on the Rudyard Kipling’s story book.

Now, the twelve- years- old child actor’s debut will be marked by world largest brand Disney live- action epic film. Neel- the actor will be playing the only human being in the story namely ‘Mowgli’.

It is notable that for the International promotional tour, the hero in the movie- Neel will be arriving in India later this month and he will visit some special sites in Mumbai.

In the statements, the child actor- Neel Sethi found stated that he has heard from his maternal grandparents who live in India, so many stories about Indian Jungles. He seems happy and much excited for his visit to his homeland once again. He also added that his parents are too happy and excited of his playing role as Mowgli in the movie of which story is based in India.

Actor- Neel Sethi is one of Indian- origin, and he is based at New York, and he was hand- picked by Jon Favreau- the director. Neel happens to be one from over Two Thousands of hopefuls for playing the role of Mowgli. Thus, as per actor- Neel he says he is “thrilled” for playing the iconic character and also he is hopeful that the Indian people will enjoy the movie.

Moreover, he added that “India is the first country” among the others wherein the movie will be presented internationally.

Also, notably, the very famous movies which have been provided from the director- Favreau in which one can note- Iron Man, Chef, The Office, and now he has find the right child for playing his upcoming biggest movie, wherein child will be playing Mowgli.

Director- Favreau said he looked at the right one of the last people, and he felt that he had the same emotional and physical qualities which the Mowgli had in the animated version. About movie he told that the child character’s performance is very important. He also added that he worked with enough kids to be confident in him “own taste” and “ability to get the performance”. He said he found his “Mowgli”.  He told that, the movie would be released in India on 8th April.

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