Three Indian Students stabbed in Ukraine: Two died; One injured as per Ministry of External Affairs


New Delhi: Yesterday i.e. on 10th April, in an attack by the Ukrainian nationals, the 2 Indian national students were stabbed to death and one another student is injured. The students were studying in the Uzhgorod Medical College, Ukraine.

The Indian student who were killed by stabbing, was alleged to have been done by the three Ukrainian nationals. These two Indian national students studying in the Ukraine were identified as Pranav Shaindilya who was from Muzaffarnagar and Ankur Singh from Ghaziabad in Uttar Pradesh. However, the third one Indian national sustained injuries in such attack, who was identified as Indrajeet Singh Chauhan, from Agra, India, he is now in hospital. This third Indian national student was also stabbed, but he remained alive, while former two were dead.

As per the spokesperson- Vikas Swarup from the Ministry of External Affairs, who said that “in an unfortunate event”, there were three Indian Students who were studying in Uzhgorod Medical College based at Ukraine were “stabbed by three Ukrainian nationals at around 3 AM in the morning of the Sunday”.

It was pointed that among these three Indian national student in Ukraine, one- Shaindilya was a 3rd year student, and the another deceased- Singh was a 4th year student at the College.

However, the third Indian national student who is still alive gave his statement to the Police, and on the basis of which three Ukrainian nationals who were allegedly trying to cross the border of Ukraine were arrested by the Police, as per the spokesperson from Ministry of External Affairs. Moreover, it was also reportedly said by the said Spokesperson that the passports and other documents of such three Indian students along with the blood- stained knife were recovered from such accused persons.

It was clarified that the said statements were made by the spokesperson from Ministry, after they received information of the said incident, yesterday at 11 AM. Moreover, the Indian embassy has also spoken to the families of the two deceased Indian nationals. And also it has assured the necessary actions which are being taken for completing the formalities for sending the two bodies to India.

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