Today, US Defence Secretary- Ashton Carter to visit India on boosting strategic tie between both countries

US Defense Secretary Carter

New Delhi: Today, the Defence Secretary of the United States- Ashton Carter will be arriving in India on his three- days visit in connection with the boosting of the strategic ties between two countries. He is notably invited by Manohar Parrikar- India’s Defence Minister.

In the schedule of his visit, the US Defence Secretary- Carter will first visit Goa and then will fly to Delhi after two days. And while so visiting, he is also scheduled to meet the Indian Prime Minister- Narendra Modi and also a National Security Advisor- Ajit Doval among the others.

While so, the said Carter on the eve of his visit, has stated that the country- India is already a very influential and powerful force in the whole Indo Asia Pacific region, starting with the Indian Ocean.

Also, notably, Carter to India is not a first time, however, this will be treated as his second visit to India in less than a year and the last in United States President- Barack Obama’s regime.

Moreover, while commenting on his visit to India, Carter also found stated that his trip would be an step for implanting some of the important decisions which were being taken by the United States President- Barak Obama.

Also, as the Carter in India will be arriving for the decision on the very serious issues and topics which were taken between these two countries, in which one can see including Defence technology, trade initiative and a host of the other areas.

Notably, the India today is having two important visitors first one is a couple from the Britain who came in the India on the long time visit of a week and the second one is the US defence secretary- Carter, who came for the official purposes.

The Duke and Duchess from Cambridge in India is a royal couple who are visiting for first time and they are today scheduled to watch and participate in the cricket matches between the beneficiaries and representatives of the three charity organisations at Oval Maidan.

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