Today, when Trupti Desai tries to enter inner sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah, she was denied entry

Trupti Desai

Mumbai: After getting rights to enter the inner sanctum Santorum of the big Hindu temples in the country (India), the women’s rights activist- Trupti Desai had initiated her movement to get entry in Mumbai- based Haji Ali Dargah, and today when she entered Dargah for offering prayers with tight security, she was stopped short of entering the inner sanctum, where generally, women are not allowed to enter.

When she decided to enter the inner sanctum of the Dargah- Haji Ali in Mumbai, she also found stated that “at the Dargah, I prayed that women be allowed to enter the inner sanctum, as was the case till 2011.” The women’s rights activist- Trupti Desai is heading the Bhumata Ranragini Brigade was not allowed to enter the inner sanctum of Dargah and when she came out of Dargah, she commented in the said manner.

Earlier, the said activist- Desai decided to visit the Haji Ali Dargah which is located in Mumbai, by the 28th day of last month (April), however, she was stopped by the protesters who were gathered for blocking her.

Notably, today when she again tried to enter the inner sanctum, she reached near the entry of the causeway leading to the dargah, but soon after she was stopped. She was accompanied by the fellow activists too. And after few minutes, when she was refused entry in Dargah, all of them left the spot.

Before she heads to Dargah- haji Ali, she told reportedly to the media that she was leading a “peaceful agitation” for asserting women’s right for going up to the core area which is in Urdu- Mazaar sharif of the Dargah- haji Ali.

Moreover, she also clarified that she had no intention to hurt the ‘religious sentiments’ of anyone. Earlier she also stated to media that she had asked the bollywood’s celebrities like superstar- Shah Rukh Khan, Salmaan Khan and Aamir Khan to support her for her movement for gender equality.

Also, when firstly the demand for getting entry in the inner sanctum of the Dargah, she claimed, the local AIMIM leader found threatened her that she would not be allowed to enter the sanctum of Dargah, his supporters would smear her face with black ink if she does so.

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