Treatment for Depression known as Brain Stimulation can also reduce Anorexia symptoms, New study says

United Kingdom: The therapy which is well- known for treating the Depression, known as Brain Stimulation, can now treat the most difficult condition of ‘Anorexia’. The new study, further says the said therapy can also lessen the symptoms of anorexia from the suffers from around the world.

The patients of Anorexia were studied by the researchers in the United Kingdom. While studying the patients before they were conducting a repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation- TMS treatment, and after that, these researchers have found the shocking results. It is made clear that the therapy was originally made for the treatment of the Depression, as shown reported by the Morning Ticker.

While study, the researchers found focusing the therapy to the Brain parts which are having connection to self- regulation difficulties, and often seemed available to the people who found suffering from the disease of Anorexia. Also, in the process the magnetic pulses, which can be felt as a gentle tapping on the side of the head, were sent to targeted areas. And these magnetic pulse seemed changing nerve cells behaviour in the brain.

As stated by the head of the researchers- Jessica McClelland from King’s College, it was stated that rTMS treatment were taken to target the ‘dorsolateral prefrontal cortex’, which is the brain’s area and thought to be involved in some of the self- regulation difficulties connected with Anorexia.

With its just, one session, the researchers found that the therapy was decreasing the feelings of the patient of being fat and also his urge not to eat. Moreover, this achievement is considered by many to be a leading success to new treatments for what has been a dangerous psychological disorder for treating.

When the researcher found that its just one session can lead to the reduction of urge to restrict food intake, moreover, it is also “encouraging more prudent decision- making”, as has been specifically pointed by the McClelland.

Thus, the dangerous Anorexia kills around 20 per cent of people, as has been reported by the Main News Online. With this new study, if solution will be brought as an outcome, then it will surely be great. The findings in the study were published in the journal ‘PLOS ONE’.

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