Trupti Desai now claiming women’s entry in RSS

Trupti Desai

Mumbai: The recently come famous Maharashtrian Women Activist- Truipti Desai who is also happens to be a leader of Bhumata Brigade, found pushing up against discrimination of any sort, against women, now she has come up with the her claim that women should also be allowed to become the member of RSS- Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh.

It is notable that the leader of Bhumata Brigade- Trupti has been leading a campaign for woman’s right to worship in the temples. It was seen that she had got victory in her fight against the long- running traditions where the women were prohibited to enter in the sanctum sanctorum of the various temples in India. She got entry in the Nashik- based Shani Shinganapur Temple’s inner sanctum, she also got entry in the other temples like Mahalaxmi temple, Kerala- based famous temple too. Now, she has turned towards the entry of women in the RSS too.

In her claim, which she found mentioned today, on Monday, 25th April, she had demanded entry saying that “the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was elected to power on the basis of women’s votes. Women should be allowed to join the RSS to which the BJP is affiliated.”

While she was campaigning for rights of women for worship in the temples, she also said that soon in the coming days she would write to RSS Chief- Mohan Bhagwat in connection with the said issue.

However, the BJP’s Maharashtra Unit’s Vice- President- Kanta Nalawade, promptly opposed the said demand of women activist and said that Trupti Desai should focus her energies on other issues concerning women instead of making “ridiculous demands”.

Trupti Desai being leader of Bhumata Brigade, which is reportedly having about 4000 members, has been seen in the news for about a month, as she claims secured entry of women into the religious temples. Even her demands were given support by the High Court’s decision too, where gender discrimination in the places of worship directed strictly unconstitutional.

In the current missions which the women leader- Truipti Desai took in her hands is the entry into the sanctum of Haji Ali Dargah, for which she is to start campaign on 28th day of April.

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