TV actress- Pratyusha suicide Mystery: Neighbour reveals shocking facts

Pratyusha Banerjee

New Delhi: The first of this April come bad for the fans of the Television actress- Pratyusha Banerjee, as she killed herself under the mysterious circumstances. However, the mystery of her death now revealing some other grounds leading to her death’s connection with some drastic reality.

Though earlier, the reasons behind her death were not confirmed, but some new facts may lead to some hints to solve out the mystery. Earlier also, many were speculating her troubled love life drove her to take such decision in her life, also some were speaking about her financial instability and bankruptcy which would have led to do this.

However, the most important in this connection, the Anuj Sachdeva- neighbour to the both Rahul Raj Singh- Pratyusha’s boy friend and Pratyusha revealed an interesting fact that while he was going out for work, he heard Pratyusha who was looking upset as on the said date’s morning time, she was screaming. The facts were revealed by him, while he was talking with the leading Website.

In his preferred statements he said while there was 12.30 PM, when he stepped out of his home and waiting for the lift, he overheard Pratyusha who was crying and talking loudly. He presumed that she was talking on phone call, as there was no other voice. However, he also confirmed that he could not “understand what she was saying”. Later he said that he was thinking to ring her bell to check on her, however, lift arrived and he left as he was in hurry. While so, he also said that he would have knocked the door for asking what happened, but he hesitated, as he did not know her well.

It was also seen that many of the friends in her side, also found blaming her boyfriend- Rahul that he is responsible for her suicide, as they found claiming that Rahul used to hit her in public and was cheating on her.

Moreover, some of the sources also claimed that the doctors examining her body, also suspecting that Pratyusha was in early stages of pregnancy and as such those doctors have sent the samples of her uterus to J J Hospital for further examinations.

Thus, the facts behind her suicide are not yet fully clear, and these supporting instances would lead the probing agencies to find actual situation behind her death.

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