Twelve- Years- Old dies at Water Pump: Doctor says it was ‘Heart Attack’

troubles to get essential water

Beed; Maharashtra: As the Maharashtra faces major drought issue, the people residing in the State, especially, in Marathwada region of Maharashtra are facing lot of troubles to get essential water for drinking and other purposes. Similar, situation is seen in the Maharashtra’s Beed area, where a twelve- years-old- Yogita finally died of heart attack, while struggling for water. It was 42 degrees temperature.

It was seen that the Sun was unrelenting when Yogita Desai was making about five trips from her home in the village to the nearest water pump which is about 500 meters away. She was already unwell for days and even after that considering the demands of the essential water for her family, she was to help her family and as such she made such about five trips, and in the last trip to the water pump to get water for her family needs, she suddenly collapsed. She was unwell / ill of dysentery.

While, doctors were called in Beed, in concerned village, she was attended and those doctors declared her died of heart attack and dehydration.

It is notable, the Maharashtra’s Beed district which is located in the Marathwada region, has been gutted by major drought for the 3 years in a row. It was seen that the said twelve- years- old- Yogita Desai died on 17th day of this month, i.e. on Sunday.

It was also noted earlier that on Sunday itself, the lowest temperature which is recorded in the sais Beed district was at 38 degrees and the high touched 42 degrees which is really heart- breaking.

As per the Uncle of the deceased girl- Yogita, namely, Ishwar Desai who told to the media that “there is a severe water crisis. She had gone to fetch water, where she felt giddy and collapsed.”

The death toll in India due to the heat wave of the frightening proportions, has raise to 110 and out of them besides the Maharashtra, other states like Telengana and Odisha also faced the deaths due to drought and suns dangerous nature. In Odisha about 45 people died and also in Telengana 35 people were died in the past 3 weeks.

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