Twitter streamlines user experience by removing TweetDeck App

United States: Twitter which had acquired TweetDeck in 2011 at 40 million dollars, has now streamlined its user experience by merging its various logins across portals and has killed TweetDeck starting from April 15th. Announcing an update in blog, several days earlier, users can presently switch amongst Twitter apps.

Twitter has universal login functionality for desktops. It is not required to login to Twitter and Twitter analytics separately via TweetDeck. It’s extremely easy to navigate between the applications with a robust set of TweetDeck optimization having TweetDeck team, direct group messages and search features. A seamless experience of login will enable us to move between the tools easily every-day.

TweetDeck Mac and Chrome apps will continue. The separate login for Windows is done away with and you are automatically logged into Twitter in between the Twitter websites. can be visited by the following scenarios. TweetDeck as a Chrome web app can be pinned to the task bar by Customise and Control > More Tools > Add to Task bar.

Twitter is currently working on infrastructure project to improve its application development side for a most wonderful set of web apps. It also aims to develop a more stable foundation of TweetDeck in future. Such features will completely revamp the fortunes of Twitter and pave way for its regaining its market supremacy.

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