Twitter will soon be adding options to paste stickers to the photos

United States: A good news for all those who love social networking and get fun with their posts, as the largest online social networking service- Twitter is now considering that it can soon provide an option to add stickers to the photos, before they will be uploaded in the posts. Reportedly, the Twitter is shown testing a new feature with the limited users, which will allow the users to past stickers on the pictures which they want to upload.

As per Kurt Wagner from Re/ code who reported that the new feature of “Stickers” would be called by the Twitter soon, however, it was also made clear that the feature can also be called by the names like “Stamptags”, “Stickist” and “Taptags”, which are also in consideration.

Moreover, in the report, it is further sought to add more than these stickers to photos, too, in which Twitter will also allow its users to see “how others from around the world have edited the same photo. And also the feature will also suggest the users that how they can edit their photos and then how they can post “to participate in the trending conversations and breaking news”.

Moreover, the Re/ code was further told by the spokesperson from Twitter that, the to make Twitter more expressive, the team is always researching potential new ways.

However, notably, this is not the first time the Twitter only is bringing this idea, but there are number of other companies, including the major companies like Facebook, etc. have already provided similar option to its users who can add stickers while Snapchat also allows its users to add emojis to their photos and videos.

Moreover, Twitter’s micro- blogging site has recently found celebrating its 10th anniversary, and while in the occasion, the Twitter never forget to mention that it has 320 million users and this including number of celebrities and other brands.

Twitter enables to its users to send and read short 140 character messages which are also called ‘tweets’, and only registered users of the company can post and read tweets, rather than others who can only read them. Jack Dorsey- CEO of Twitter also found mentioning that the platform may never remove the 140 character limit.

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