Two killed; Two injured in Security Forces’ Open Fire on Protesters who allegedly protesting on Molestation of a Girl

Girl raped

Srinagar: While there being a protest by the protesters on the issue that a College girl is molested allegedly by the Security Forces, the Security forces opened fire on protesters in Handwara town of north Kashmir, and two persons in result were killed and other two found injured severely.

The protests in this connection has began when a news as to the alleged facts of the molestation of a college girl by the security forces spread largely. It was, as per the Police officials, the security forces opened firing at the protesters when these protesters hurled stones at them, and in response only the act of firing was initiated.

Earlier, a senior official from the Police confirmed that a single person from amongst the protesters have been killed in “the firing by security forces”. However, the sources later confirmed that the another person from the protesters who had received fatal injuries succumbed to his injuries at the hospital.

These two youths are recently identified as Mohammed Iqbal and Nadeem Qadir Bhat who were hit by the fire shots.

Thus, the situation is now little tricky, as to the fact of hurling the stones by the protesters. It is true or Police trying to save the security forces, now the matter will be confirmed after detailed enquiry.

Moreover, from the side of the Army department, it has issued statements saying that it “deeply regrets the unfortunate loss of life”. Moreover, it also assured that this issue will be investigated and anybody who “found guilty will be dealt with as per the law”.

In an incident, as per the Police officials first a news of the molestation of the College girl spread, and then hundreds of the people came out of their homes and started throwing stones at the security forces. While so, the Police also claims to have registered a case at the Police station in Handwara.

Moreover, as per the sources, the firing on the part of the Security Forces has led to more protests, and it further said that reinforcement have been rushed to the area.

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