Two Law Officers removed by Uttar Pradesh Govt

Lucknow: The famous face debating seemed many time debating on TV for the Samajwadi Party and also an Additional Advocate General- Gaurav Bhatia was removed by the Government of Uttar Pradesh along with one another.

As per Spokesperson and Special Secretary of Law- Amar jeet Tripathi, these two law officials, AAG- Bhatia and Reena Singh were panel officials for the State Government, in the honourable Supreme Court of India. Moreover, as per Order issued by this Special Secretary Law- Amar Jeet Tripathi, which was issued on 22nd day of March, they were removed from their posts.

However, as came to know from the sources, the removal of these two law officers was felt necessary by the State Government as they found failing to defend the State Govt. “properly” on “numerous occasions”. Also, there may be more than this, as hinted by insiders.

The removed AAG- Gaurav Bhatia seemed happens to be son of Former Advocate General of Uttar Pradesh and also the Member of Rajya Sabha from Samajwadi Party- late Virendra Bhatia.

Moreover, Virendra Bhatia had been closely attached with the Samajwadi Party, as he was recognized as an official face of it by many, as he represented the party on most of the English New channels, however, it was seen that at the time of Chief Minister- Akhilesh Yadav, the Bhatia had apparently fallen out of favouring him.

Now, Gaurav Bhatia is likely to continue with his presidential post in the legal cell of the Samajwadi Party.

In his comments, the removed- Gaurav Bhatia found posted on his Facebook account’s post that he himself was resigning the post and also he offered his thanks to everyone who supported him.

Moreover, as per Vijay Bahadur Pathak- the State’s spokesman for Bharatiya Janata Party- BJP, who termed the said development as interesting, he further said  issue is, other than the confusion over resignation of removal, also highlighting the meaningless disregard of the Samajwadi Party which it has for the people, who try to give their best.

On 24th day of March, i.e. yesterday, the order which was issued on 22nd day of the month was released for reporting by the media.

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