UN blames Saudi-led forces for most Yemeni civilian deaths

Sanaa: Vast majority of civilian from Yemen were put to death in the conflict, where the Saudi- led coalition bombing was effected. The Chief of United Nations found stated, yesterday, on 18th March that international crimes may have been committed. Notably, for protesting Britain’s continued supply of arms to Saudi Arabia, the campaigner delivered fake missiles to Downing Street, yesterday, and despite concerns, such arms are being used against civilians in Yemen.

While campaign against the rebels which is Iran- backed, in Yemen there have been seen a repeated criticism that the coalition air strikes have not done enough to avoid non- military targets.

While the Rights groups have raised their concerns about the civilian casualties which was caused by the Houthi rebels, Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein- United Nations Human Rights chief said the coalition bore the greatest responsibilities. Moreover, Zeid found saying that “we are possibly looking at the commission of international crimes by members of the coalition.

Moreover, as per his office, which has said that the about 9,000 civilian casualties are there and out of them around 3,218 were killed, the statistic is from the time from which the coalition on 26th March, 2015 intervened for supporting The embattled President- Abed Rabbo Mansour Hadi, after rebels seized large parts of Yemen including the capital Sanaa.

Moreover, while considering the Two air strikes this week in northern Yemem’s rebel which held Hajja province, the numbers of those put to death/ killed as per both Zeid’s office and also by the United Nation’s Children’s agency, is about 106 to 119 including 24 children.

Moreover, the probe into the incident is demanded by the United Nations Secretary General- Ban Ki- Moon.

As per the Coalition Spokesperson and also Brigadier General- Ahmed al- Assiri, during an exclusive interview on Wednesday told that the strikes aimed at “a militia gathering” (Houthis). Moreover, as per Assiri, he said for examining the charges of possible abuses against the civilians in the war, there is nationally, an independent panel was being formed.

Also, from alliance, it is said that it does not target civilians and that targeting is verified many times for ensuring non- combatants will not be killed.

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