‘Unused’ Aircraft being carried through Crane collapsed on private building wall: No injuries

plane crashed

Hyderabad: Today’s morning, i.e. on 10th April, the aircraft from the Air India services, came crashing down on the wall of the private building near Begumpeth Airport at Hyderabad. It was attached to the crane through which the same was to be shifted from the Begumpeth Airport to a training academy.

It was seen that with the help of the giant crane, the said Aircraft was to b shifted to the Training Academy, while it was on its way to the given destination, it suddenly collapsed down on the private buildings wall. However, no reports as to any injury or fatality was came out, and it is also confirmed by the authorities. But as the officials, the said incident was potentially disastrous.

It was also clarified by the officials that the said Aircraft being a seventy- ton (CHK) A- 320, which was not in service was directed to move out of the airport and was also directed to take to the Air India Training academy. However, while there being 7 AM in the morning today, the giant crane using which the said air craft was to be moved from the airport, lost the same.

Moreover, as per the official from the Police- K Kiran, who said that the said aircraft was ‘unused’ one and it was to be shifted to the training establishment at the distance of about 4 KM from the location of the Airport. However, he confirmed that the said incident of sudden fall of the aircraft from some feets height, was due to the crane bars which got bent.

As the plane crashed from the certain feets height, by the crane of 200- ton on the compound wall of the Hitech Club near a chool on an old airport road, it was damaged seriously.

Notably, the said plane being under not use, was reportedly, parked in a hangar since the year 2007, i.e. from the time from when the flight services were shifted to New Airport. As per the sources, the said plane was asked by the airports authorities to be shifted from the said location.

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