US court awards 100- years of prison term against woman for killing unborn baby

woman convicted

Washington: The most landmark decision was taken in the United State, when a criminal Woman from that country was sentenced to 100 years in the prison for cutting a woman’s baby from her womb.

When people learnt about such a dangerous crime, which the said culprit namely, Dynel Lane had committed, the entire country got shocked. The said culprit was held guilty of such crime, in the month of February this seven counts against her. Moreover, in all such charges, she was earlier booked for attempting to murder, unlawful pregnancy terminations, etc. the reports came from Xinhua News agency.

The decision was taken yesterday, on Friday, 29th April, when the reports said that the sentence would have been mostly on both of such charges shown above, unlawful pregnancy termination and Attempt to murder.

The said thirty- five years old Dynel Lane who is held guilty in this case found luring an unsuspecting 7 month pregnant- Michelle Wilkins to her house in the year 2015 (March) and thereafter she later started beating, choking, stabbing the said Michelle Wilkins for stealing her fetus, however, that fetus too died later. The said Wilkins was only twenty- seven years old, that time.

However, the said victim- Wilkins who survived the said attach by Dynel found telling the court that said culprit lives in a “narcissistic fantasy.”

However, in the legal battle, it was also seen that the prosecutors did not charged the culprit with the offence of Murder, as the Coroner had already stated that the said foetus did not live outside the body of Wilkins, however, the husband of the Dynel found stated that he had heard the unborn baby cry out.

Moreover, as per the father of the victim- Wilkins the said attack by the culprit- Dynel as “savagery”, and Boulder District Judge- Maria Berkenkotter had also termed the same as “brutal, shocking and cruel.” Moreover, the judge also found stated that “it’s difficult to imagine anyone would do this.”

Also, it was seen in the incident that the said culprit had brought a dead fetus to the hospital on the evening time after the said attached, and she claimed thereafter the instance of her miscarried.

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