US President Obama called Orlando Nightclub Mass Shooting, an ‘act of terror and hate’


Washington: Today, on Monday, 13th June, the President of United States- Barack Obama said the “horrific” mass shooting at a nightclub in Orlando, Florida is an act of “terror” and also it was an act of “hate”, he claimed to be remineded the countrymen of the easy access to firearms people enjoy in America. The said massacre which had taken place in the nightclub in Orlando had claimed the lives of about 50 people, which is really ‘horrific’ as pointed by the US President.

While providing his comments on the incident, the US President- Obama found stated that “this was an act of terror, and an act of hate” and he also confirmed that Federal Bureau of Investigation- FBI is looking into the matter and probing such act of terror. He also made it clear that there is still nothing substantive known about the motivation which would have been behind such mass killing.

As per his feelings, he added that “this is a heart breaking day for gays and lesbian’s community.” In the incident, reportedly, on Sunday morning’s wee hours, in Orlando’s gay nightclub, a lone gunman who is identified as Omar Siddique Muteen, shot down about 50 people and injured about fifty others. The said gunman is reportedly claimed to have been come from the Afghanistan to United State.

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