US’s report on Cyberwarfare threat is denounced by China


Bloomberg: The explanations as to the military operations by China in the East and the South China Sea which is provided in the new report of United States Defense Department, which has also spotlighted a focus on cyberwarfare, is condemned by China.

Yesterday, on Sunday, the China found stated that the said report had “deliberately distorted” facts relating to the defence policies of China. Moreover, it is also stated by China that, said report had unfairly depicted activities of Beijing in the South and East China seas, as such it is “severely damaging” trust between the two major powers.

The said statements were preferred by the spokesperson from China, namely, Yang Yujun, and such statements were posted on Saturday, on official feed of Chinese defence ministry, on Weibo, which is China’s popular microblogging site.

Here, the annual report of Defence Department to Congress on capabilities of China, is in issue. As China is typically responding sharply to the assessments of United States, and the 156- page document was released ahead of a visit to Vietnam and Japan, in May, by the United States’ President- Barack Obama amid developing tensions amongst China, US and Southeast Asian nations over sovereignty claims in the South China Sea.

The said report claims that the ministry from China, had conducted cyber investigations and intrusions against the computer network of United States for supporting intelligence collection and electronic warfare.

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