Uttar Pradesh: a 17- years- old Girl raped by Youth on the pretext of marriage: Police arrests youth

Girl raped

Ballia; Uttar Pradesh: Today, i.e. on 10th April, a youth who being accused of sexually exploiting a seventeen- years- old girl, as per the Police officials, for a month, on the pretext of marriage, was sent behind the bars. Yesterday, he was arrested and after being creating the pressure on his family members.

It was disclosed by the Police official- Manoj Kumar Jha who is a Superintendent of Police in the Ghaziapur District in Uttar Pradesh, that the said youth- accused allegedly took the said teen- girl to Ghaziapur district where he had again allegedly established sexual relations with her, and the said relations were continued by him with her for a month period.

Moreover, as per the SP- Manoj Kumar Jha, the family members of the accused brought the victim before them, after they used force against them for mounting pressure. Yesterday, the family members of the accused brought the victim and accused back from Gaziapur and then the youth- accused was arrested who was allegedly trying to flee.

Moreover, today the accused, as per the police officials was sent to jail, and in an investigation, the Police also sought to conduct the medical examination of the victim, as said by the Superintendent of Police0 Manoj Kumar Jha.

The rising in the number of the rape victims from the underage groups, is the issue of serious consideration and as such the Government and also the Higher Judiciary is also taking such issues as one of greater importance.

It can be seen to this context that, as per the statistics released by the National Crime Records Bureau- NCRB in the year 2014, there were 13.1 per cent (4,427) of the total rape victims (33,764) were girls under 14 years of their age, while 26.3 per cents (8,877) victims of rape were teenaged girls from the age group between 14- 18 years. This statistic is shocking as earlier reports from the NCRB were confirming the rising in the number. It was seen in the year 2012 that there were 24,923 rape cases in all were registered across the country, however, in the earlier five year from that viz. from 2007 to 2011 there were average cases of rapes registered were 22,000. This shows greater speed of rising the number of rape victims in the country.

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